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On rainy days my cousins and I explored my grandma’s attic. We poked around and found old post cards, pictures of strange places, dusty and mysterious books, trunks full of old-fashioned dresses and hats, and puzzling old tools. It was like a treasure hunt! The attic set our imaginations free. We made up stories, plays, and games we would never have invented without all that junk. We went to imaginary places, learned all kinds of neat things, and had a great time.

So think of this part of ann brundige studio as the attic. Here you will find all sorts of resources, all of them free to use in your classroom. There are free activities to download. There are ideas and techniques to help you develop new activities and edit those you already have. There are graphics, too, including clip art, photos, and even movies.

How To Find Stuff In The Attic

Image©2008 ABS You can find wonders in Annie's Resource Attic!
Luckily, things are not as chaotic here as in the average attic. The treasure map is the sidebar on the right. Scroll down and take a look at it now.

The NEW-est 6 posts are listed first, at the top of the sidebar.

Resources, Departments, and the Search Box

Under Resources are links to lists of excerpts from all posts, organized by resource type, grade level, subject area, and by the applications needed to run them. Click the white Select Category button to open and choose from a drop-down menu of these categories. Many resources are listed in more than one category. Click the title of an excerpt to open its main page.

Under Departments are links to the index pages for Annie’s Books Online, Annie’s Puzzles Online, to the graphics collection preview Gallery, and to the Suggestion Box.

You can also enter a keyword in the Search box (located below the Departments links) and click the Search button to find something quickly.

Info Pages

Just below the Search box are links to the Info Pages. The Welcome link returns you here to the home page from anywhere in the site. Meet Annie is a short bio. About Comments explains what type of comments will be accepted, generally anything that extends the information in a post.

One page you’ll use frequently is Help!. It has detailed instructions on downloads, how to deal with zip files, how to get the resources into your applications, special needs access info, some free viewers and more. Be sure to download the complete help PDF! Also be sure to check system requirements for each activity type, on the System Reqs page. Finally, notice that the Terms of Use page that explains the site’s copyright policies.

More Freebie and Contact Links

Don’t miss these! Below the Info Pages are the Free Stuff links to other good sites with classroom resources, such as more free photos, sound effects, and utility applications. Below that is the newest links section, Fun To Do. These links lead to other sites with free online and printable activities.

Below that, notice the Info Links (other web sites with valuable information), People, and Sources links, and the Bookmarks, Contact Me, and Subscribe buttons as you scroll past. Subscribe to this site to be automatically alerted with headlines on your browser home page when new things are posted.

Check For New Stuff and Contribute!

I’ll add things to the attic whenever I come up with something new. If you find these resources useful, tell others about Annie’s Resource Attic. When you come up with new ways to use these materials, please post a comment to share your ideas with others. I’m hoping each post will continue to grow in value, with your help.

I hope this digital attic fires up the imaginations of you and your students, takes you to wonderful places, and gives you a chance to learn new things, just like my grandma’s attic did for me. Have fun in the Attic, and watch your step on the stairs when you leave.