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Opening Page from Showertime!
The interactive book Showertime! challenges the reader to find and place all the items needed to get ready to take a shower. To make the experience more interesting, the student reading and controlling the story actually goes into the shower, turns on the water, and sees and hears the water flowing, via animated movies. While the story is written in simple sentences, students learn to read words associated with taking a shower that might previously have been familiar only as spoken words.

The artwork for this story was created in a CAD program, Bryce 6, so that all the elements of the shower can be manipulated and portrayed at any angle. This made possible some extras for this activity set, in the form of separate clip art images of all the shower elements. This activity is available in many formats.

Virtual Reality Versions

The Clicker 5 or 6®, Classroom Suite®, HyperStudio 5®, Online Book, and PowerPoint® versions test the student’s ability to follow directions, by requiring that the button for the correct item be clicked before advancing. Wrong answer feedback is a recorded voice.

The Annie’s Books Online version of Showertime! is written in HTML5 and has updated sound and movie formats. It will play in modern browsers including Mac Safari 5.0 or later, iOS Safari 4.3 or later, Firefox Mac or Win 39 or later, Internet Explorer 9 or later, and Google Chrome Mac or Win 12 or later. Users of Windows XP with IE 8 or earlier will be automatically switched to an alternate version using an earlier html, QuickTime movies, and utilizing a sound manager based on Flash®. Visually, these versions are identical.

If you have a slow internet connection but do use a modern browser, you may prefer using the desktop version of Showertime! You will not need an active internet connection since all sounds and movies are downloaded as part of the desktop book. However, pre-IE9 browsers can’t run this version .

As follow up activities, there is a Cloze Pro® test for the Clicker 5/6 version of the story, and a sequencing activity to follow the Classroom Suite version. In addition, there are custom IntelliKeys® overlays and their Dynavox® pkg equivalents for both the Classroom Suite book and sequencing review. See the Special Needs Access section on the System Reqs page for information on controlling the Classroom Suite version from PRC devices. Note: the download for Classroom Suite includes both the story and review activities in one ZIP file.

Interactive Book Version

In My Own Bookshelf®, the same images and movies carry the student through, but all the student is required to do is turn the pages. A test built in Test Me Score Me ®reviews the student’s grasp of the vocabulary words introduced in the story.

Printable Version

A PDF of Showertime! is also available for download. This can be printed or viewed onscreen. This version has the same text and pictures, but lacks the movies.

Resource Extras

Clip art including all the items the student is required to find, plus parts of the shower such as the shower curtain, shower head, towel rack, etc. is included in a single ZIP file. These can be used to build other activities, or used off computer to talk about the story, as flash cards, and any other way you think up!

The movies from Showertime! can also be downloaded as a single ZIP file. These are included mainly as a backup in case of video problems. These AVI movies should run in both Clicker Mac and Win, but are larger files than the compressed versions used in the downloaded stories.

Extra special extra!

Alison Wade has created some super off-computer activities using the Showertime! clip art. She has posted the Boardmaker® versions on a list serv, and also has them in PDF format. Click here to find out all about the Showertime! Extension Activities. Be sure to get these to use with Showertime!

Application needed: Versions for Classroom Suite, Clicker 5 or 6 and Cloze Pro,HyperStudio 5, My Own Bookshelf and Test Me Score Me, PowerPoint, web browser, and Acrobat Reader.
Subject area: Reading, Life Skills.
Level: K-1, 2-3.

Online Links-Activities

Online Books

Showertime! link: CLICK HERE. Online version of Showertime! to read online. HTML5 format and updated movies and sounds run in modern browsers, including on phones and tablets. Users of pre-IE9 browsers will be seamlessly switched to the old version online, which uses QuickTime. For details on using Annie’s Books Online, click here.

Desktop version of Showertime! link: Showertime! book to read from the desktop using a web browser. HTML5 format and updated movies and sounds run in modern browsers, including on phones and tablets. Not for pre-IE9 browsers. For details on using Annie’s Desktop Books, click here.


Printable Activities

Showertime.pdf (1.7 MB) Showertime! story to print. No movies. Acrobat Reader

Clicker 5 and 6 (13.6 MB) Showertime! interactive story in Clicker 5 MAC. Has QuickTime movies. (13.9 MB) Showertime! interactive story in Clicker 5 WIN. Has WMV (Windows Media Player) movies. (118 KB) Tests comprehension by using the text from Showertime! in a Cloze Pro activity.

Classroom Suite (25.2 MB) Showertime! interactive story plus sequencing activity in Classroom Suite v.3 or later. Custom IntelliKeys overlays are attached.

Showertime.dpkg (1.3 MB) Showertime! story overlay saved as a Dynavox file.

ShowertimeReview.dpkg (1.2 MB) Showertime! review overlay saved as a Dynavox file.

HyperStudio 5 (20 MB) Showertime! interactive book in HyperStudio 5.

PowerPoint (8.8 MB) Showertime! interactive story saved as a .ppt file. Movies in the same folders. PowerPoint 2003 or later. (13.0 MB) Showertime! interactive story saved as a .pptx file. May need PowerPoint 2007 or later.

SoftTouch 15.0 MB) folders with Showertime! book and movies to import into My Own Bookshelf.

Showertime! (11.7 MB) Test on Showertime! story using clip art for answers. Requires Test Me Score Me..

Downloads-Resources (9.0 MB) These will run in Clicker 5 both platforms, and in the other apps but are larger files. (3.0 MB) All the clip art used in the Showertime! story, including the shower items (soap, shampoo, etc) and parts of the shower such as the soap dish, towel rack, shower head, etc. To preview the collection, click here.

July 28th, 2008 at 4:26 pm
5 Responses to “Showertime!”

  1. 1
    Alison Wade Says:

    I tried the Classroom Suite version of Showertime with a group of young adults with developmental
    disabilities this week. They loved it! They enjoyed being able to pick out the correct items, and the
    virtual reality and movies. This would be great on a white board. I plan to do some follow up with the sequencing activity and printed story.
    Is there a way to print the pages with the button grid visible? Thanks, Alison

  2. 2
    admin Says:

    Yes, Alison, there is a setting to print with or without the button grid. Go to the Options–>Document settings menu, and click the Toolbars tab. There is an option you can choose to print with custom toolbars visible, and that button grid is a custom toolbar.

    Wow! It would really work on a white board, and would look like you’re really going into the shower. These multimedia programs are perfect for virtual reality projects. That type of animation or movie has been used for video games and flight simulators, but why not extend the idea to everyday situations? If you have a digital camera and some way to do a zoom in on the picture, you’re in business! You can do that easily in Classroom Suite, using IntelliMation. For most other programs, you need a simple video editing program, but it’s a very easy effect, and you save as QuickTime or AVI for each zoom.

  3. 3
    Lisa Says:

    I’m trying to open this in power point version 2003 and am unable to open this. Is there a trick or something that I’m missing?

  4. 4
    admin Says:

    I have to apologize–somehow the .pptx (2007-2008) version instead of the older .ppt file for ShowerTime! was included in the ShowerTime! 2003 zip file. I’ve replaced it and uploaded the correct file now. You do have to decompress the zip file, but after that, you should be able to open the ShowertimeBuzz file in the 2003 version of PowerPoint. I’m not sure if the movies will remain attached, though. The three movies are included in the zip file, so you could re-insert them. should be attached to the fourth page, counting the title page. goes on page 9, and goes on page 10.

  5. 5
    admin Says:

    Good news! Today I posted updates to the Showertime! activity set. First, a new version optimized for Clicker 6 Win. It still runs in Clicker 5 also, but its videos are upgraded to .wmv format. Next, a HyperStudio 5 version of Showertime! Third, an online version, or rather two online versions. If you use a modern browser, you can read Showertime! online or download a desktop version for faster page loading. You won’t notice the second online version, but if you use classic Internet Explorer in Windows XP, you’re automatically switched to an alternate version that doesn’t require html5. Showertime! was one of the first activities on Annie’s Resource Attic, and it’s still one of my favorites. I’m glad to finally be able to offer it in all formats. –Annie


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