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Annie's Puzzles Online

Annie’s Puzzles Online is a section of Annie’s Resource Attic with puzzles made using photos from various activity sets. You work these puzzles online by going to them from your browser, just as you would go to any other web page.

The puzzles are hosted on a web page called Jigsaw Planet that lets you upload photos, choose a puzzle layout, and instantly turn the image into a puzzle with pieces you can drag into place. One option with these instant puzzles is to embed them in a web page. That’s how they come to Annie’s Resource Attic.

The following tips will help you get the most out of the online puzzles. Scroll down below these suggestions for an index to all the puzzles. There is also a link to each online puzzle at the foot of the main page for that activity set.

Online Puzzle Help

  • Expect to wait a few minutes while loading. The puzzle page has to go to the host site, grab the puzzle, open Java (the code that runs these puzzles), and load the puzzle.
  • Drag the pieces around. When pieces match correctly, you’ll hear a click.
  • Notice the small floating toolbar. It lets you see the image, project a ghost image as a hint, and scatter the pieces.
  • If you need more space, consider temporarily closing the Bookmarks and Navigation toolbars. Full Screen seems to interfere with the puzzle, though, so don’t use it.
  • Be sure you have an updated vesion of the Java plug-in for Mac browsers. If you regularly update your system and browser, Java is probably up to date in Safari or FireFox on Mac OSX 10.6 or later. Unfortunately, the online puzzles no longer work on Mac OSX10.5 or earlier, as of May 2012. The Java plug-ins needed have been inactivated to prevent users from possibly getting malware, and no updated Java plug-in is available for older Mac systems.

Index To Online Puzzles

Application needed: Any web browser

Cat and Dog Puzzle link: catDog/index.html Online puzzle. Image is the cat and dog from Visiting A Petting Farm.

Curlew Puzzle link: curlew/index.html Online puzzle. Image is the curlew from Shore Birds.

Gingerbread House Puzzle link: gingerbreadHouse/index.html Online puzzle. Image is one of the decorated gingerbread houses from the Gingerbread House activity.

Goat Puzzle link: goat/index.html Online puzzle. Image is the nanny goat and kids from Visiting A Petting Farm.

Holiday Tree Puzzle link: decoratedTree/index.html Online puzzle. Image is one of the decorated trees from the Holiday Tree activity.

Jaguar Puzzle link: jaguar/index.html Online puzzle. Image is the jaguar from Mayan Jungle Adventure.

Jason And His String Puzzle link: JasonString/index.html Online puzzle. Image is Jason Cat holding his string from Jason’s String.

Jason Finds His String Puzzle link: JasonFinds/index.html Online puzzle. Image is Jason Cat in a treeg from Jason’s String.

Little Toot Puzzle link: toot/index.html Online puzzle. Image is the boat, Little Toot.

Olmec Head Puzzle link: olmec/index.html Online puzzle. Image is the big Olmec stone head from Mayan Jungle Adventure.

Ruins Puzzle link: ruins/index.html Online puzzle. Image is stone room in the ruins from Mayan Jungle Adventure.

Sea Star Puzzle link: seastar/index.html Online puzzle. Image is a sea star from No Bones About It!.

Sheep Puzzle link: sheep/index.html Online puzzle. Image is a sheep from Visiting A Petting Farm.

The Tide Turns Puzzle link: tideturns/index.html Online puzzle. Image is a scene of the beach with tide coming in from Tide Pools.

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