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Quick Printable (And Online) Puzzles  (click title for download page)

While making an online puzzle, I stumbled on a quick way to make a printable puzzle at the same time! Make a new online puzzle on Jigsaw Planet. Arrange the pieces in order, take a screenshot, and print the layout. Mount it on a backing, cut apart the pieces, and your puzzle is finished. Bonus: Templates to make a menu page with image links to all your puzzles or to embed a single puzzle in your web page, reference guide to color hex codes, tip sheet on how to make a screenshot from most devices!

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Great Art In HyperStudio  (click title for download page)

This tip focuses on one of the legacy effects, Cookie Cutter, that makes it easy to transform a simple sketch into a work of art right inside HyperStudio! Bonus: Also learn how to use a second vintage effect, Beveler, to make fancy frames and borders!

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A World Of Textures  (click title for download page)

The texture photos on this site are of exceptionally high quality. Many are seamless; they tile to make a pattern free of edge lines. Besides photos of surface materials, has images that are perfect for student projects in science, history, writing and art. Bonuses: PhotoShop tutorials, PhotoShop Scatter Image Script, free hi-res texture of the day from plus a pdf tutorial with more tips on scripts, custom fills, and the Pattern Overlay layer effect.

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Treasure Hunt!  (click title for download page)

Treasure Hunt! is a classic yarn, from the opening scene in which you arrive at a desert island to the moment the treasure chest opens and an improbable flood of loot bursts out. Bonus: Extensive clip art collection and a set of frame animations!

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Lands Down Under: Caves!  (click title for download page)

The real Land Down Under is the dark, mysterious world of caves. Download a kit to create beautiful, realistic cave scenes, and visit two fascinating web sites about caves, one a virtual cave tour with a wealth of information and photos, and the other a chance to see the world’s largest cave in 3D. Bonus: A quick look at Annie’s cave photos!

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A Plethora Of Pictures  (click title for download page)

If you need photos, illustrations, clip art, even videos for your project, probably has everything you need! Bonus: All resources are FREE and licensed Public Domain.

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Log Cabin Online Books  (click title for download page)

I have written online versions of one of my favorite projects, Log Cabin and Fill The Shelves. Now you can enjoy these two books in your web browser, complete with all their sounds, movies, and interactive fun. Bonus: I’ve reworked several pages, so the “real” cabin looks even more real and the bear is more fierce.

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Discover Lit2Go  (click title for download page)

Lit2Go is a free online collection of stories and poems in MP3 (audiobook) format. Each reading passage also can be downloaded as a PDF and printed for use as a read-along. Bonus: Each reading passage has a student activity to download. For multi-chapter works like The Count Of Monte Cristo, there are separate student activities for each chapter.

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Why Your Golf Ball Gets Cranky  (click title for download page)

As the innocent ball finds out, golf is really scary when a fellow with a club keeps hitting you. You’ll feel real sympathy for the little guy and certainly understand why that ball refuses to go into the hole. Anybody who has played golf or watched a game will find it hilarious! Bonus: Text reads out loud one sentence at a time!

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Magic Doors Launcher Template  (click title for download page)

Everyone likes to have a sneak peek before making a choice. This ICS template does just that, letting students see a preview image and hear a related sound before deciding which activity to do next. Bonus: I have included all the doors backgrounds art for you to download!

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