This activity from Annie's Resource Attic is copyright 2010 by ann brundige studio. You may not sell this activity, nor use any of its elements for commercial purposes. For details regarding this Creative Commons license, see the Terms of Use section of the web page at www.annbrundige If you want copies of this book, download the PDF or a multimedia version from the Holiday Tree activity set page. You may make and distribute copies of the PDF, but must include the credits page.

You can download free Holiday Tree clip art from the Annie's Resource Attic web site.

All artwork is original by Ann Brundige. Ornaments were created in Bryce 3D, and the tree In Trees Classic from Falling Snow effect is a javacript : Snow Effect Script- By Altan d.o.o. (

  • PlainBalls.mp3 Adapted from MAGICBL.mp3 from 5,000 Free Sounds
  • BELLSCAL_Fancy.mp3 Adapted from BELLSCAL.mp3 from 5,000 Free Sounds
  • GLISAND_Topper.mp3 Adapted from GLISAND.mp3 from 5,000 Free Sounds
  • OChristmasTree.mp3 Adapted from 27706__massi_1130__O_Christmas_Tree.mp3