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Listen To The Sounds Of The Valiha is a supporting activity to do after reading the Lots Of Lemurs story. If you do not have the entire activity set, which includes the supporting book Islands, tests, photos, writing activities, and puzzles, you can download it free from the Annie's Resource Attic web site.

Valiha Photo Source:

COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Buisciter van bamboe TMnr 4506-1.jpg by Tropenmuseum, part of the National Museum of World Cultures ( Uploaded 2012, photo is from before 1978 (CC BY-SA 3.0) via . Information provided about the photo: (Google Translate) English: This valiha, originally from South East Asia. is one of the oldest instruments on Madagascar and has become a symbol of cultural identity. The valiha was initially played at rituals of a religious nature but is now also used for secular music. According to traditional oral sources, the valiha, especially in Imerina, would originally be played in noble circles and then exclusively by men. Nowadays it is very common that the valiha is played by a woman.

Sound Sources

Five short samples of music played on valiha, a Madagascar bamboo musical instrument in the zither family. valihaloop6-5.aif, valihaloop5-5.aif, valihaloop8-5.aif, valihaloop4-5.aif, and valihaloop1-8.aif by pushtobreak 2005 (CC BY-NC 3.0) via

vah-lee.aiff Author: Ann Brundige using computer voice Tom, Tex-Edit script, and Audacity. 2018 (CC BY-SA 3.0)