This activity from Annie's Resource Attic is copyright 2016 by ann brundige studio. You may not sell this activity, nor use any of its elements for commercial purposes. For details regarding this Creative Commons license, see the Terms of Use section of the web page at www.annbrundige If you want copies of this book, download the PDF or a multimedia version from the Cranky Golf Ball activity set page. You may make and distribute copies of the PDF, but must include the credits page.

Original story by Ann Brundige, based on many a tragic day of golf. The art in this sad tale is by Ann Brundige, created by adding cartoon elements to photos from the following sources:

Page 1 and Cover Picture 5080505313_a09e7ab864_b.jpg Herring Cove Golf Course, New Brunswick, Canada by New Brunswick Tourism 2010 (CC BY 2.0) via, hand adapted from hands_PNG869.png with alpha (License: Free, non-commercial) via, and golf ball based on 5366976_7c97c0c53f_o.jpg Golf Ball By Robert Occhialini 2005 (CC BY-NC 2.0) via Smoke (License: free to modify, can use commercially) from and lightning bolts (CC 0)from

Page 2 hands_PNG909.png with alpha (License: Free, non-commercial) via added to bag and zipper created in Vue.

Page 3 4594165604_50974045fe_o.jpg Golf Ball By Doug 2010 (CC BY-NC 2.0) via plus the ball from golf-838923_960_720.jpg 2015 (CC 0) via

Pages 4,6,8,11,16,18,20, 21 Various whacks and thumps Golf Ball from golf-838923_960_720.jpg 2015 (CC 0) and explosion graphic burst-148240_960_720.png By OpenClipArtVectors 2013 (CC 0), both via

Page 5 Adapted from golf-881331.jpg By kpgolfpro 2015 (CC 0) via

Page 7 Adapted from sand-881376.jpg By kpgolfpro 2015 (CC 0) plus iced-tea-992838.jpg By skeeze 2015 (CC 0) with straw from iced-coffee-824818_1920.jpg By dMz 2015 (CC 0) and sunglasses red-33889.png By ClikrFreeVectorImages 2012 (CC 0), all via

Page 9 Adapted from tree-trunk-569275.jpg By Picography 2014 (CC 0) and golf ball from golf-838923_960_720.jpg 2015 (CC 0), both via, plus hands_PNG918.png with alpha (License: Free, non-commercial) 728x711 via

Page 10 Adapted from golf-881332.jpg By kpgolfpro 2015 (CC 0) via

Page 12 Adapted from Bubbling Mud Volcano (3860838997).jpg By Peretz Partensky 2009 (CC BY-SA) via Wikimedia Commons (

Page 13 Artwork added to original photo by Ann Brundige 2016 (CC By-NC).

Page 14 IMG_5259.jpg Smallmouth Bass By Bemep 2010 (CC BY-NC) via plus golf ball from golf-838923_960_720.jpg 2015 (CC 0) via

Page 15 Adapted from golf-course-828978.jpg By Unsplash 2015 (CC 0) via plus hands_PNG885.png with alpha (License: Free, non-commercial) 1991x861 via holding golf ball golf-838923_960_720.jpg 2015 (CC 0) via

Page 17 Adapted from person-1284011.jpg by Pexels 2016 (CC 0) via plus golf ball from 5366976_7c97c0c53f_o.jpg Golf Ball By Robert Occhialini 2005 (CC BY-NC 2.0) 2272 x 1704 via

Page 19 Adapted from golf-ball-next-to-hole.jpg By alex grichenko (CC 0) via

Sound Credits

Short snippets from the following list of sounds were edited in Audacity (shareware sound editor) to create the sound effects for each page:

Thunder8.wav by OneSoundToRuleThemAll (CC BY 3.0) via

Zipper by AntumDeluge (CC 0) via

SE ATMO birds meadow distant people.wav by SoundEnsemble (CC 0) via

Golf.wav by CGEffex (CC BY 3.0) via

Golf Ball Putt.wav by lmbubec (CC 0) via

Bushes Rustling.WAV by ArcLegend05 (Sampling+) via

In an English Suburban Garden by jamesabdulrahman (CC 0) via

Forest Ambience.mp3 by thearxx08 (CC 0) via

05964 small water plops.wav by Robinhood76 (CC BY-NC 3.0) via

GolfTeeOff2.flac by acclivity (CC BY-NC 3.0) via

Stream Underwater.wav by Benboncan (CC BY 3.0) via

DramaticStabs.wav by Sclolex (CC 0) via

Screams of Frustration by jorickhoofd (CC BY 3.0) via

JirkaScream 2.mp3 by Kalibrk (CC 0) via

Audible Text Of Story

In addition, I recorded the computer voice Samantha for each line of audible text by using an Applescript included in the shareware word processor Tex-Edit Plus. Then I edited the resulting .aiff files in Audacity, adjusting the pitch and sometimes the modulation to create the voice of the golf ball, and combined each speech with the sound effect for that page.