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©2008 ABS-Ann and a passing horse discuss the way home Notice that down at the bottom of each resource page there’s a space for comments. On most blogs I’ve seen, the comments are popularity ratings or opinions, but here in the Attic, I’d like to use them for something else.

Let’s put our heads together, pool our ideas, and make Annie’s Resource Attic a group effort.

Post Comments About Modifications
If you adapt or modify an activity to better fit the needs of specific students, share that idea by posting a comment on the page where you downloaded the activity. It might be simply changing the text color or background. It might be a whole new twist on the activity. Either way, your contribution will make that resource page more valuable for others.

Post Comments About Extensions
Similarly, if you think of a clever way to use the clip art, matching cards, and other building block resources, or create extension activities to go with a set you find here, post a comment on that, too. Let people know if they can contact you to get a copy. I can host some of these for you, too.

Also Post Your Suggestions And Requests
Another possibility for collaboration is to post a suggestion. But instead of posting it as a comment, please put it in the Suggestion Box. I’m more likely to find it there!

Please, No Spam!
One last thing: Believe it or not, there are people out there so bored that they use the comment spaces on sites like this to post gibberish or inappropriate stuff, usually called spam.

©2008 ABS-No Spam, Please!!!!

To those poor bored people: There’s a really good spam filter on this site. Plus, every comment is held until I check it, so your spam isn’t going to appear in the comments online. You’re wasting your time!

Go find something more interesting to do than post spam here. In fact, try thinking of a real suggestion for an activity, or let me know about a link that would interest students. That takes more brains than posting spam, for sure!


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