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Nice to meet you!

Annie’s Resource Attic is a labor of love by Ann Brundige. I grew up in Texas, and currently I’m fortunate to live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Utah. My formal education includes a Master’s degree in Microbiology and I’ve worked as a research scientist, but my insatiable curiosity has led me to an eclectic range of studies, from Egyptian hieroglyphics to astronomy. Once I saw the educational potential of multimedia, I jumped in with both feet and never looked back.

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Annie at 8

I serve as an advance scout, experimenting with features, developing techniques, and incorporating them into meaningful classroom projects. Then I bring these to teachers, trusting that they will be shared with other teachers and used to empower students.

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Fremont R., UT

For over thirty years now, I’ve developed unique educational materials using the technology of multimedia and had a wonderful time doing it! A long-time HyperStudio® trainer and author, I’ve recently worked extensively with IntelliTools Classroom Suite®, Clicker 5®, and My Own Bookshelf®.

Image©2008 ABS Ann exploring a California tidepool area
Crystal Cove, CA

I divide my time between creating on the computer and exploring various natural environments. I might be spotted attempting to take photographs while riding a horse or holding my camera out of a wave while photographing a tide pool. All of my interests and experiences go into the activities and other resources you’ll find in Annie’s Resource Attic. My goal is to provide you with materials that make classwork the joyous voyage of discovery it was meant to be.

Image©2008 ABS Ann Brundige head shot
Thanks, Ellen!

Special Thanks…

To my daughter (who is known on the web as “GreekGeek”) for talking me through the initial download and installation of the WordPress software for this site. She has over 100 web pages on, including the three I’ve put in the Info Links and two more in the Fun To Do and Free Stuff sections at the bottom of the sidebar.

There are too many educational ones to list, so click the link to Mythphile on HubPages or to Greekgeek on HubPages and scroll through them! Suggestion: Wouldn’t it be a great student project to turn a report into one of these HubPages? It’s a way for students to actually publish their work. With the right supervision and benchmark requirements, this could be a super writing motivator!

©2008ABS Samhain at rest

And to Samhain the cat, for illustrating the Special Needs Access section on the System Requirements page. Samhain was a very special cat indeed. She owned my daughter for twenty years, and still has a web page of her own, which she oversees from cat heaven, where I have no doubt she has a high administrative role. If you’ve had a rough day and need a laugh, click the link to Samhain’s page and look for links to two videos, The Concrete Dance and Rototail Cat. You’ll feel better right away!

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