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Image©2008 ABS Barn workshop background
Barn workshop background
Who’s in the Barn? includes the examples, tutorial PDF, and art needed for a complete workshop on Classroom Suite IntelliMation. Add to your own set of techniques or use these materials to conduct a workshop for others. Fittingly, the idea for this workshop came from a question asked during a workshop by one of the participants! So I’m happy to pass it along.

Three Part Workshop
The workshop is divided into three parts, each producing a simple activity and building in complexity by adding new skills. While the three activities you build will be simple Cause and Effect, the skills include some advanced animation tricks.

Among these are how to have a single button choose randomly from a set of animations, how to play parts of an animation, and how to stop in the middle of an animation to let a user interact. In all, you’ll cover 21 general tips on building activities with IntelliMation that you can apply to any activity you create.

IntelliTools Classroom Suite Tips Handout
These tips are so valuable that I’ve also posted them as a separate document to download and print. It would be a good handout for any workshop or presentation on Classroom Suite, and you’re welcome to use and distribute it.  For a second IntelliMation workshop, check out the ICS Detective post.

Application needed: IntelliTools Classroom Suite v.3.2 or later
Subject area: techniques on IntelliMation, examples are Cause and Effect.
Level: Techniques are Author level, examples are K-1.

Downloads-Tutorials (3.2 MB) Finished activities you will build in this workshop. (2.3 MB) PDF instructions including tips, and background graphic.

21Tips.pdf (67 KB) 21 IntelliTools Classroom Suite tips derived from this workshop in PDF format.


Who’s In The Barn Tutorial Online Online instructions including tips suitable for presentation to groups.

21 IntelliTools Classroom Suite tips Online 21 IntelliTools Classroom Suite tips derived from this workshop online.

July 4th, 2008 at 7:00 pm
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    Debra Leff Says:

    AWESOME!Thank you for putting all of this together. We will share with teachers! What a gift!


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