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Image©2008 ABS Photo of bike hanging from ski lift with text below.
Page from Mountain Bike Race book

The interactive book Mountain Bike Race takes the reader to the top of a mountain and down the trails to the bottom on a mountain bike. The reading level is 3rd to 4th grade, but the story would interest older students as well.

The reader sees the scenery from a bike rider’s viewpoint, and movies of the bike coming up the lift, the racers starting down, and the end of the race make this a vivid and real experience. Beautiful scenery, a flat tire, and a grazing moose slow down the racers, so they do not win first prize. But they have such a good time that they decide to go up the lift again and ride down a second time, just for fun.

Story Formats
Mountain Bike Race is available for download in versions for Clicker 5®, Classroom Suite®, My Own Bookshelf®, PowerPoint®, and a printable PDF version. The PDF version lacks movies, but all versions include the same text. There are some “tell me more” pop-ups in the Clicker 5 version, giving background on how mountain bikes compare to racing bikes, how a ski lift works, and information about moose and other deer.

For the SoftTouch® version, there is a matching test that runs in Test Me Score Me®. There is a Cloze Pro® test to follow the Clicker 5 version. There is a comprehension test to pair with the Classroom Suite version. In addition, the Classroom Suite story and test each have an attached custom IntelliKeys® overlay, and there is a Dynavox® pkg file version of these overlays to enable controlling the Classroom Suite version from Dynavox AAC devices. See the Special Needs Access section on the System Reqs page for information on controlling the Classroom Suite version from PRC devices.

Bonus Mountain Photos
The photos used in Mountain Bike Race, plus some extra mountain scenes are also here to download. Included is the art for the bike handlebars which was superimposed on many of the photos to show the scene from a rider’s viewpoint. You could add this to any photo to create an entirely new bike ride! Suggestion: These photos, plus the extra scenes, could be used to write an extension story telling what happened to the bike riders on their second trip down the mountain.

Applications needed: Clicker 5, Cloze Pro, Classroom Suite, My Own Bookshelf, Test Me Score Me, PowerPoint, Acrobat Reader.
Subject area: Reading.
Level: Grades 2-3, 4-5.


Printable Activities

BikeRace.pdf (11.9 MB) Mountain Bike Race book to print. No movies. Acrobat Reader.

Clicker 5 (25.8 MB) Mountain Bike Race interactive book in Clicker 5 MAC. Has QuickTime movies. (25 MB) Mountain Bike Race interactive book in Clicker 5 WIN. Has AVI (Indeo compression) movies. (1.3 MB) Tests comprehension by using the text from Mountain Bike Race in a Cloze Pro activity.

Classroom Suite (36.3 MB) Mountain Bike Race interactive book and comprehension test in Classroom Suite v.3 or later. Custom IntelliKeys overlays attached. (27.8 KB) Mountain Bike Race story and test overlays saved as Dynavox package files.

PowerPoint (34.1 MB) Mountain Bike Race interactive book saved as a .ppt file. Movies in the same folders. PowerPoint 2003 or later. (34.4 MB) Mountain Bike Race interactive book saved as a .pptx file. May need PowerPoint 2007 or later.

SoftTouch (32.9 MB) folders with Mountain Bike Race book and movies to import into My Own Bookshelf. (4.9 MB) Test on Mountain Bike Race story using clip art for/text answers. Requires Test Me Score Me.

Downloads-Resources (5.5 MB) Collection of photos from Mountain Bike Race plus some extra mountain photos and the bike handlebars art clip. JPEG and GIF format. To preview the collection, click here.

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    Wonderful Website! Thank you so much for the wonderful activities and ideas. Our kids at Westlawn Elementary love it.


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