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Image©2009 ABS Cover of ICS multiple choice test template
Cover of Classroom Suite Template
Multi-Choice Test Templates includes Microsoft Word®, Clicker 5® and Classroom Suite® versions of templates I have developed to create the tests that become part of the activity sets here in the Attic.  They are the result of much trial and error, and in their present form, they save me a great deal of time.  So it’s time to make them available to you as well!

I’m not including templates for Test Me Score Me®. Its elegance lies in its very simple and intuitive interface, and I find that the templates that come with it are fine as is.

There are many more choices to be made in creating templates in Microsoft Word, Clicker 5, and Classroom Suite, though, so I decided to share my templates with you.  I’ve tried to set them up so that all you need to do is add artwork and type in text, possibly delete unused pages, and save.

Image©2009 ABS A Page From The ICS 4 Answer Template
A Page From The ICS 4 Answer Template

Classroom Suite Templates
Note: Templates were first published in January, 2009, but I’ve added one new one for Classroom Suite and improved the first two. So for Classroom Suite, there are now three templates, one with four text answer choices, one with three text answer choices, and one with three picture answer choices.

Of course, there are IntelliKeys® overlays for these test templates, and you can download a Dynavox® version of these overlays. See the Special Needs Access section on the System Reqs page for information on controlling the Classroom Suite version from PRC devices.

Text Answer Templates
For each question, you can control-click the big button and add a picture or bit of clip art.  The art will be automatically sized to fit.  Type in your question and answers, and you’re done!

When a student clicks one of the letter buttons, the letter goes up into the answer field. You will need to edit each answer field to indicate the correct response, if you want to use the automatic reporting features. Instructions for filling the template are included within it, just as reminders.  It’s a very easy template! The most difficult thing is to remember to lock the text.

Picture Answer Template
This one is very similar to the 3 Choice text template. For each question, control-click the big button and add a picture or bit of clip art. Do the same for each answer button. Type in the question and answer picture captions. Students click their choice of pictures to put the letter of that answer choice up into the answer field.

Image©2009 ABS A Page From The Clicker 5 Test Template
A Page From The Clicker 5 Test Template

Clicker 5 Template
For Clicker 5, there is a template with two questions per page, and a space to add an illustration to each. Click the answers button beside a question, a pop-up for the question appears, and you can type in your four answers. There is also an info pop-up where you can add instructions about the assignment for students. Directions for using the template are included within it, but it’s so intuitive you probably won’t need them!

There are ten questions in the template. If you need more, you can add grids for the question page and the answer pop-ups from master grids. In that case, you will need to set the link from the answer buttons on the new page to the correct pop-up, and, in Details, have the text sent to the correct text box.

Image©2009 ABS Cover Page from Word Format Test Template
Cover Page from Word Format Test Template

Microsoft Word Templates
For Microsoft Word, there are two test templates, one with three picture answers and one with four text answers. I’ve included .dot and .dotx versions of both templates, all in a single zip file to download. The same document seems to display differently depending on the version of Word and the operating system (Mac OSX, XP, or Vista) so experiment and use the ones that work best for you.

Image©2009 ABS Page from Word 3 picture answer test template
Microsoft Word 3 Answer Test Page

I’ve included a PDF file as part of the download to explain how to switch the placeholder graphics for your own pictures. Even where the answers are text, I feel that having an illustration can help place the question in context for the student. Each question module is a table, and you can type your question and answers into the cells. Cells also hold the pictures, so that things stay formatted.

Image©2009 ABS Page from Word 4 text answer test template
Microsoft Word 4 Answer Test Page
The easiest way to use these Word templates is to open them and save them as templates (.dot or .dotx) into your My Templates folder, so that they will be easy for you to find and use. Students could use these onscreen, or you could print out the tests to use off computer. Try pairing up tests created in these templates with some of the books from the Electronic Books Resource List!

Applications needed: Clicker 5, IntelliTools Classroom Suite, Microsoft Word, Acrobat Reader.
Subject area: Test templates.
Level: Author level.

Downloads-Resources (7.2 MB) Three Classroom Suite test templates to import. IntelliTools Classroom Suite 3.2 and later. Overlays attached. (33.6 KB) Dynavox package versions of the IntelliKeys overlays for the ICS test templates.

Multi-choice (485 KB) Clicker 5 test template. (1.0 MB) 3 answer and 4 answer test templates in Microsoft Word format. Versions for Word 2003 (.dot) and Word 2007 (.dotx) are both included.

July 6th, 2009 at 10:28 am
2 Responses to “Multi-Choice Test Templates”

  1. 1
    Rose-Marie Gallagher Says:

    I tried importing the Classroom Suite test set but only the overlays downloaded in a useable format. The other files are .bmp, .nts, and “Office Outlook Personal Files.” Have I done something incorrectly?

    Thank you for all your wonderful activities and templates!

  2. 2
    admin Says:

    I’m not sure what happened, Rose-Marie, and the “Office Outlook Personal Files” are particularly puzzling, since I do not have Office Outlook.

    I’ve tested the download of the zip file on two Macs, one running Classroom Suite 3.2 and one running 4.0, and on a computer running XP and Suite 3.2. In all cases, I was able to download a good zip file to the desktop, and then to import that file into Classroom Suite, using the IMPORT button within Classroom Suite. So I can only guess that something interfered with and corrupted that download.

    Try again, and be sure you save the zip file of the test templates onto your hard drive. Since you’ll only need it in zip format while you install, I’d suggest putting it on the desktop. Then launch Classroom Suite and use the Import button to get to that zip file on the desktop and get the files installed.You’ll only see the titles of the templates, but it will also install the overlays, and keep them attached. Once you see the three templates, and test that they are working, you can delete the zip file.


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