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Group Cards Share Backgrounds and Group Objects

There is a wonderful timesaver hiding in the Edit menu of HyperStudio 5®. It’s the Group Card option under Ready Made Cards.

Image©2009 ABS Screen shot of HS5 Edit and Ready Made Cards menus showing Group Card option
How To Make A Group Card

Once you understand how Group Cards work and how to create them, you can make a stack much faster, come out with a much smaller file, have the layout on each card automatically match, and have a way to change settings in objects on all the cards in the stack at once. Pretty cool feature!

How To Make Group Cards and Independent Cards

You can make a Group Card only by using the menu item under Ready Made Cards.

When you choose it, you get a new card with the same background as the previous card. It will also have any objects on the previous (original) card, IF they were marked as Group Objects, and they will have the same settings and be in the exact same positions. Also, now the original card is also a Group Card.

If you choose Group Card again from the menu, you’ll get another clone, and your growing group would then have three cards. But if you choose New Card, you get an independent, blank card.

Image©2009 ABS Screen shot of HS5 Inspector showing the features of an object marked as group object
How To Designate A Group Object

There’s lots more to know about how to make and use Group Cards.  To help you become familiar with using this powerful option, I’ve prepared a short guide to Group Cards that you can download from this page. This PDF file covers the following topics:

  • You Can’t Go Back Again: Ungrouping A Card Is Permanent
  • Objects Can Leave And Rejoin A Group
  • More Than One Group In A Stack
  • How to Use Intermingled Groups
  • Is A Card In A Group? You Can’t Always Tell By Looking
  • A Card Can Be Part Of A Group, But Not Identical
  • Strategy For Building A Stack With Group Cards
  • How To Split Off A New Group
  • Global Changes Made Instantly
  • Special Case: Text

Download the guide and get started experimenting with Group Cards. You’ll love what they can do for your stacks!

Applications needed: HyperSudio 5, Acrobat Reader.
Subject area: Tip.
Level: Author.

Download – Tutorial

Quick Guide to Group Cards (1 MB) PDF file to print. Acrobat Reader.

Online Link – Tutorial

Quick Guide to Group Cards online tutorial Quick Guide to Group Cards In HS5 online tutorial, ready to present.

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