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Image©2008 ABS Jack-O'-Lantern
Students choose a mouth on this Jack-O'-Lantern page

Virtual Reality Jack-O’-Lantern
Just in time for Halloween, this fun activity lets students create digital jack-o’-lanterns. In all, nine different faces are possible. The artwork is very three dimensional and realistic, and sound effects accompany each carving step.

Once a jack-o’-lantern is finished, students add a lighted candle, and finally get to see what their creation will look like on Halloween night. A different creepy sound with each finished jack-o’-lantern adds a whimsical touch. The reading vocabulary level is grades 2-3, but older children and even adults can enjoy this one!

Note: This activity set was first posted in October, 2008, but in 2009 I added an online version of Jack-O’-Lantern, then updated it to HTML5 in 2018 so that sounds play on all devices. If you’ve been using the PDF version, try the link at the bottom of this page for the online version, which has all the Halloween noises!

This non-linear activity is available in Clicker 5® and Intellitools Classroom Suite®. There is an overlay to run the Classroom Suite activity from IntelliKeys®, and there are Dynavox® package versions of this overlay. As always, there is the option to control the Classroom Suite version with PRC communication devices. See the Special Needs Access section on the System Reqs page for details. There is also a PDF version without sound effects, but still giving users a chance to make the different faces.

Image©2008 ABS Page from Carving A Pumpkin
Carving A Pumpkin page

Interactive Straight-Line Book Version
A second activity, Carving A Pumpkin, goes through the steps in carving a pumpkin into a jack-o’-lantern. Here the vocabulary is K-1, and the format is a simple straight narrative. The finale page with the lighted jack-o’-lantern has a ghostly moan followed by an enthusiastic cry of “Trick or treat!”

Carving a Pumpkin is available in My Own Bookshelf®, Classroom Suite, and Clicker 5. Again, there is an IntelliKeys overlay and a Dynavox version of it for the Suite activity, which also can be controlled from the PRC devices. In addition, there is a printable version (PDF) without the sound effects.

You can download a zip file with all the creepy sound effect as MP3 files, plus clips that say “Happy Halloween” and “Trick Or Treat”. There is also a file with graphics of all 9 jack-o’-lanterns, both as freshly carved and lighted at night, plus images of the whole pumpkin, pumpkin with no top, the candle, and the facial features as separate files. I hope that will give you ideas for more Halloween pranks!

Application(s) needed: Classroom Suite, Clicker 5, My Own Bookshelf, Acrobat Reader.

Subject area(s): Reading, Holidays.

Level(s): K-1 (Carving A Pumpkin), 2-3, 4-5, 6-7 (Jack-O’-Lantern).

Online Link-Activity

Jack-O’-Lantern book link: pumpkin/index.html Jack-O’-Lantern book to read online. Revised HTML5 version. Now sounds play on iPad! Pre-IE9 version also online. For details on using Annie Books Online, click here.

Desktop version of Jack ‘O Lantern link: Jack ‘O Lantern activity to read from the desktop using a web browser. For details on using Annie’s Books Online, click here.


Printable Activities

jackOlantern.pdf (10.8 MB) Jack-O’-Lantern activity to use on the computer or to print. PDF file has buttons so students make the 9 jack-o’-lanterns, but no sound effects. Use onscreen with navigation toolbar turned off. Acrobat Reader.

carvePumpkin.pdf (4.1 MB) Carving A Pumpkin book to print or read on the computer. No sound effects. Acrobat Reader.

Clicker 5 (5.9 MB) Folder with both the Jack-O’-Lantern activity and the Carving A Pumpkin book in Clicker 5. Lots of sound effects!

Classroom Suite (24.6 MB) Zip file includes both Jack-O’-Lantern activity and Carving A Pumpkin interactive book for Classroom Suite v.3 or later. Custom IntelliKeys overlays attached. Can be run with PRC devices. Lots of sound effects!

JackOLantern.dpkg (1.2 MB) Jack-O’-Lantern activity overlay saved as a Dynavox package file.

CarvePumpkin.dpkg (323 KB) Carving A Pumpkin overlay saved as a Dynavox package file.

SoftTouch (3.2 MB) Folder with Carving A Pumpkin book to import into My Own Bookshelf. Has sound effects.

Downloads-Resources (534 KB) Creepy sound effects from both activities in MP3 format. (3.5 MB) All the Jack-o’-lanterns, pumpkins, and the candle in GIF format. To preview the collection, click here.

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