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Greek Myth Crossword

Is your class doing a unit on Greek mythology? Here’s a web site with a host of games and other resources to make learning about the Greek gods easy and fun! Much on this site is intended for high school or older students, but there are also plenty of materials for late elementary and middle school. Here are a few examples!

Greek Mythology Word Search Puzzle
There is a link to download a printable version of this word search puzzle. Students guess the name of each god or goddess from a simple clue and then find it among the letters of the word search. If figuring out the clues is too difficult, download a second version where the fourteen names are listed and the student simply locates the names in the puzzle. You also can download the answer key.

Greek Gods Crossword Puzzle
Solving this puzzle requires a little familiarity with the myths, so it could be used instead of a conventional test after a unit on the Greek gods. There are two choices for using the crossword puzzle. You can click a link to download a printable version, or click another link to fill it in online. There is also a link to download an answer key.

Greek Gods of Olympus: Quick Quiz
This is an online multiple choice quiz, but you also can download a printable version. There are fourteen questions, each with four answer choices. If you complete the quiz online, you see your score and a graph of the scores of everyone else who has tried the test and can review your results. That’s also a sneaky way to get an answer key to use with the printable version! While the online version isn’t optimized for printing, I was able to print out my completed test okay.

Chart of Greek and Roman Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, etc.
This online chart lists the Greek name of each character on the left, and the Roman name beside it on the right. Hover your cursor over any Greek name to see quick facts about that god or goddess. You’ll recognize some of the names on this chart from astronomy, because names from Greek myth were used for the planets and their moons.

Bonus: Roman Tic-Tac-Toe
If your students want still more classical games, click the link in the sidebar of the Greek Puzzles page to learn the Roman game Rota. This simple game is like tic-tac-toe, except that the playing board looks like a wagon wheel with eight spokes instead of the usual cross hatch. You can easily sketch your own playing board, but there is a link to a printable version. Anything from small pebbles to coins will work as playing pieces.

This wonderful page was set up by my talented daughter Ellen Brundige, who is currently doing graduate studies in mythology. She has packed this page with valuable resources, many of them all ready for teachers to print out and use. Great job, Ellen, especially in making learning about Greek myths fun for young students!

Application needed: Web Browser
Subject area: Mythology.
Level: Grades 5-7 and older.


Greek Myth Puzzles Description: Link to a page with printable and online educational materials on Greek mythology.

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