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Have you ever needed to have two or more sounds play when a grid opens in Clicker 5®? Here’s how to do it!

While building The Haunted Castle, I wanted to have a growl and the sound of the wind play as a grid opened.

Image©2013 ABS Screen shot illustrating growl and wind sound playing as a Clicker 5 grid opens
Two Or More Sounds As The Grid Opens

I could load one sound into the Play Recorded Sound Or Video slot in the Grid Properties, but I couldn’t designate two sounds in that slot.

With a sound editor, I could have combined the two sounds, and then loaded the combined sound.

But I found a way to do it inside Clicker 5® without needing that extra piece of software. All you need is two hidden cells!

This easy trick depends on using the Speak Or Play This option in the Properties of a grid. It also will work in the Properties of a cell you are using like a button.

Download a pdf from this page for step by step instructions. Once you see how to have multiple sounds play when a grid opens, you can extend the trick. Imagine having a couple of sound effects play, then a spoken sentence, followed by a movie!

It’s all possible with a few transparent cells and Speak Or Play This. You’re only limited by your imagination in turning on the hidden powers of Clicker 5!

Application needed: Clicker 5 or 6.
Subject area: Tip.
Level: Author level.


2soundsClicker.pdf (1.9 MB) Two Sounds When A Grid Opens tutorial to print. Acrobat Reader.

Online Link-Tutorial

2 Sounds When Grid Opens online version Two Sounds When A Grid Opens tutorial online, ready to present to groups.

April 16th, 2013 at 7:47 pm


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