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Image©2017 ABS Cover page with image of treasure chest, anchor, coins, map, scimitar and Treasure Hunt! lettered at the top.
Cover Page Of Treasure Hunt!

Treasure Hunt! is a classic yarn, from the opening scene in which you arrive at a desert island to the moment the treasure chest opens and an improbable flood of loot bursts out. It’s a highly interactive story, with lots to do and plenty of sound effects to make the reader an explorer rather than a spectator. For now, you can experience Treasure Hunt! online, in a desktop html format, or in IntelliTools Classroom Suite®.

Almost immediately, you find a bottle with a note in it buried in the beach. The note turns out to be a real pirate’s treasure map, with the clues you must find. It’s a sort of scavenger hunt that eventually leads to the treasure. In the online version, highly expressive audible text serves as a friend with whom to share the adventure.

Image©2017 ABS Hand-drawn treasure map on old stained paper.
The Pirate Treasure Map

Thick jungle makes it a challenge to find the items shown on the map, even with a handy path to follow. Many clues require a student to pick from four choices. These puzzles add a bit of brain exercise to the adventure, but are in no way a test with correct and incorrect answers.

Image©2017 ABS Sea shells, including a starfish, on the sand at the edge of the waves
Which Shell Is Like A Star?

Explore Everything!
Students should try all choices in all versions. The wrong answers are entertaining! The online version leads the explorer through every choice for most puzzles, but be sure to sample all choices any time four buttons are presented.

For example, students can easily match the red starfish to the star on the map, but it’s fun to hear the bubbly voices of the other three shells. Later, listen to three other birds besides the toucan you’re looking for, and later still there are talking tiki carvings.

Image©2017 ABS Gorilla in front of a palm tree.
It's A Gorilla!

Besides the bottle and map, several other items must be located and taken along for later use. Look for a spyglass (handy for surveying distant landmarks), various bits of nautical junk, and a bunch of bananas you’ll need when you meet a gorilla.

In scaring the gorilla, try all four choices of items to throw, because this gorilla has definite opinions about which of the four objects he would rather receive. He sounds particularly dubious when you ponder throwing that pirate’s scimitar at him! Being a sensible ape, he would rather carry off the bananas.

Image©2017 ABS Green narrow stream in a tropical jungle, path leads up to stream and continues on the other side, crank and gears mounted on one trunk on the right.
A Stream In The Jungle

Some clues, like the crude crank mounted on a tree trunk, challenge the reader’s powers of observation. I tried to vary the clues as much as possible, one being a shape match, one requiring choosing from four objects similar in shape but different colors, and so on.

Into A Cave
In the later part of the story, the action moves into a cave. Parts of the cave are really beautiful! If students get excited about caves, they can make their own cave scenes with clip art downloaded from another post, Lands Down Under: Caves!. They also can explore more caves from that post, including the largest ever found.

Image©2017 ABS Description
A Beautiful Cave

There are scary parts to the cave as well. You’re almost at the end of the story when you are faced with choosing from four tunnels. The three wrong tunnels lead to a gorilla, a monster, and a river of lava. These side trips, only one page each, would be a shame to miss. In the online version, the monster wakes up and looks very hungry. Both Suite and online versions have the moving lava, and sounds of the gorilla noisily eating those bananas.

The fourth tunnel leads to the door to the treasure room. The rest of the story is one long animation. In the Suite version, I put the finale into a separate file linked to that door. Suite version only, Very important: Be sure you start with the file named A Treasure Hunt, and let the finale open automatically when it’s time. A long, dramatic movie of the animation plays at this point in the online version. After all the work the explorers must do, I went overboard on the treasure animation!

Image©2017 ABS Dark cave scene with molten lava reflecting red onto the rough stone walls.
A River Of Lava

Stopping Points
This adventure will last many sessions, so students need a way to get back to where they left off. For both the online and Suite versions, I’ve included a way to mark your place, stop for the day, and later return to the last view of the treasure map just before that point. Students may repeat a few pages, but that’s a good way to get back into the story. In the online version, it’s called the Jump Page, and in Suite it’s the You Are Here option.

A copy of the map, part of the Teacher Materials, can be printed out and used to mark progress off-computer, if you prefer. Also included in Teacher’s Materials are the vocabulary words list, story script, review questions, sequencing activity key, and detailed notes on using Treasure Hunt!

The vocabulary level is about second grade, but the story line would be fun for younger or older students, grade six and even older. I didn’t put a vocabulary toolbar into the Classroom Suite story, not wanting to break up the story momentum. For younger students, being able to have the page read aloud should carry them over words they may not know how to read.

Stand-Alone Glossary
Download a Stand-Alone Glossary (runs in modern web browsers) that pronounces the words aloud to use with the PDF format writing activities. I’ve also included it with the Teacher Materials. Of course, it may also be used along with either story version and also with the sequencing activity.

Image©2019 ABS Page from What's Next sequencing activity
Sequencing Activity

Writing and Sequencing Activities
Students should have lots to say about Treasure Hunt, so I made two writing activities, Treasure Hunt Journal and the guided Treasure Hunt Review. To use with the online version, download Treasure Hunt Journal and Treasure Hunt Review in PDF format.

You can use the Journal along with the story, perhaps writing after each session, or wait to write the entire Journal after finishing the adventure. Because it has questions and images from the entire story, the Review should be used after a student finishes the story, to avoid spoilers.

There are both online and PDF versions of the sequencing activity, What’s Next?, which challenges students to arrange sentences about events in the story in the order they occurred. The PDF version may be worked on- or off-computer. The online version gives feedback for wrong answers, and rewards a correct answer by turning the page and showing the picture and caption for the event. To add interest, I’ve used many different voices for the feedback, and there is an enthusiastic victory movie with fireworks at the end.

A vocabulary toolbar included in the Suite version of these two writing activities can insert any word from the vocabulary list. The Stand-Alone Glossary fills a similar need when using the PDF format writing activities, but it doesn’t insert the words.

Image©2017 ABS Treasure Hunt Overlay
Overlay Picture To Print

Special Needs Access
Custom IntelliKeys® overlays are attached, and there are Dynavox® package versions of all three overlays to run the activities from Dynavox AAC devices. See the Special Needs Access section on the System Reqs page for information on controlling the Classroom Suite version activities from PRC devices.

I’ve also included overlays to print, ready to use on top of the IntelliKeys to set up an attractive interface. My hope is that this story will be a special treat for students who otherwise couldn’t hike through a jungle. Whether you navigate with a mouse, a switch, or an alternative keyboard, Treasure Hunt! is full of surprises and smiles.

Bonus: Puzzles, Clip Art, And Frame Animations!

Look for links to four online puzzles, one with the seashells scene, one with the path deep into the jungle, one inside the cave, and one with the bridge over the stream in the jungle. Reserve those until a student has finished the story, to avoid spoilers. Online puzzles now work in all browsers, including those on mobile devices! Alternately, download printable copies of these puzzles to use off-computer.

I’ve given you a clip art collection that includes all the things that fly out of the treasure chest in GIF format. One file includes all the gems and smaller coins, in case you need to decorate something fancy or assemble your own treasure hoard. The other 53 files are individual images.

If you’re using Classroom Suite, also experiment with a set of frame animations from the story, including the gorilla, toucan, and starfish. Easy instructions show you how to import them into Classroom Suite. Use these animations to make more activities, maybe entirely new stories or perhaps a sequel!

Applications needed: Acrobat Reader, IntelliTools Classroom Suite, web browser.
Subject area: Reading, Writing.
Level: Grades 2-6.

Online Links-Activities


Treasure Hunt! Activities link: treasure/index.html Menu leading to Treasure Hunt! and What’s Next? to read online. Revised in 2019 to HTML5 so that sounds and movies play on all devices, including iPad®. For details on using Annie’s Books Online, click here.

Desktop version of Treasure Hunt! download link: Treasure Hunt! and What’s Next? books to read from the desktop using a web browser. Revised in 2019 to HTML5 so that sounds and movies play on all devices, including iPad®, and no active internet connection is needed.

For details on using Annie’s Books Online, click here.


Stand-Alone Glossary download link: (1.8 MB) Glossary with all the vocabulary words from Treasure Hunt! and their definitions to run using any modern web browser. Click the speaker button or phonetic spelling of each word to hear it pronounced.

Online Puzzles

Bridge In The Jungle link: CLICK HERE. Bridge In The Jungle 12-piece online puzzle. Image is the bridge over the jungle stream from Treasure Hunt!.

Seashells On The Beach link: CLICK HERE. Seashells 12-piece online puzzle. Image is seashells including the starfish from Treasure Hunt!.

Beautiful Cave Puzzle link: CLICK HERE Cave 20 piece online puzzle. Image is a chamber with stalactites, stalagmites, crystals, and a pool in the cave from Treasure Hunt!.

Jungle Path Puzzle link: CLICK HERE Path in the jungle 20 piece online puzzle. Image is a path deep in the jungle from Treasure Hunt!.


TreasureHuntPrintablePuzzles.pdf (25.0 MB) Four printable puzzles, two each of 12 and 20 pieces, featuring scenes from Treasure Hunt! Instructions included for printing, mounting, and cutting out the puzzles to use off-computer. Acrobat Reader. (54.1 MB) Three PDF format activities. Journal has selection of scenes from Treasure Hunt! with room to write a paragraph or two about each. Review is a directed writing journal, with a scene, questions, and writing space on each page. What’s Next?(Sequence) requires a student to number sentences in the order the events occurred in the story. Includes a PDF with instructions for both on- and off-computer use, and tips on how to customize. Acrobat Reader, Preview, or similar app. (1.7MB) Includes Teacher’s Notes on installing into IntelliTools Classroom Suite® and using Treasure Hunt with students, the script of the Treasure Hunt story, questions included in the Review writing exercise, vocabulary list, Credits PDF, and, naturally, a copy of the treasure map to print. Credits also includes a description of how the imaginary desert island and all its contents were created. (4.4 MB) Printable pictures of the overlays for Treasure Hunt and Finale, Treasure Hunt Review, and Treasure Hunt Journal. For Classroom Suite v.3 or later. Custom IntelliKeys overlay is sent electronically when the activity opens, and these printed pictures should be used on top of the IntelliKeys.


Classroom Suite (143 MB) A Treasure Hunt interactive book, Treasure Hunt Review writing/comprehension activity, and Treasure Hunt Journal writing activity in Classroom Suite v.3 or later. Custom IntelliKeys overlay is attached to each activity. (3.3 MB) Treasure Hunt overlays saved as Dynavox package files for the story, review, and journal activities.

Downloads-Resources (2.6 MB) A collection of 54 gif files with the items that make up the treasure in the Treasure Hunt story. To preview the collection, click here. (998 KB) Frame animations from Treasure Hunt, including the gorilla, flying toucan, and dancing starfish. Animations are supplied in an IntelliTools Classroom Suite toolbar. File includes instructions on how to add these frame animations to your activities and how to save the toolbar to your User Library in Classroom Suite. Requires Classroom Suite v.3 or later.

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