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Gingerbread House 2012  (click title for download page)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make gingerbread houses without all the messy clean-up? Well, you can with the Gingerbread House activity, in Annie’s Books Online or the IntelliTools Classroom Suite® versions, and, new for 2012, in Clicker 5! Bonus: Gingerbread house clip art collection!

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The Haunted Castle 2012  (click title for download page)

The Haunted Castle is a highly interactive Halloween adventure. The story starts with trick-or-treaters deciding to visit a spooky-looking castle. Once inside, they are informed that they are trapped until they locate the front door key! Bonus: Extensive creepy clip art collection!

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Madagascar Lemurs  (click title for download page)

Lemurs…who can resist them? The Madagascar Lemurs activity set gives students a chance to digitally travel to Madagascar and meet nine different kinds of lemurs.This activity set includes two books, writing activities, comprehension tests, and off-computer materials such as vocabulary cards and maps. Bonus: Lemurs Photo Collection!

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Jason’s String  (click title for download page)

Jason Cat likes to nap on my keyboard, so it comes as no surprise that he decided to write a book. His book is a poem called Jason’s String. Here, in his own words, is a story about Jason’s very favorite toy, a fancy piece of string. The wealth of ing words in the Jason’s String story suggested the theme of ING Is A Powerful Thing, a beginning phonics supporting book. Bonus: Puzzles and a photo collection!

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Making A Pumpkin Pie  (click title for download page)

Making A Pumpkin Pie carries a reader through all the steps in this enjoyable task. The dialog is much like what you would hear if you were helping Grandma with her baking, so this story can be read by students in Grades 1-3 and those in Pre-K with a little help from the read aloud option. Older students with limited reading ability will also enjoy the story. Bonus: Photo collection and pumpkin pie recipe!

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Visiting A Petting Farm  (click title for download page)

Visiting A Petting Farm takes students on a virtual exploration. They can go to see all the animals on the farm in whatever order they wish. They also have a chance to feed and pet the animals, and when they do, they hear the sound the animal makes. When they decide to leave, students hear all the animals sound off together to bid them goodbye. Bonus: Puzzles and Photo collection!

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Snow 2010  (click title for download page)

Snow includes two anchor books, a sequencing activity, and a phonics activity using some of the “ow” words from the Snow story. There are also cloze activities in some formats. The Snow story uses photos and movies to illustrate a perpetual winter problem for those of us who live in cold areas: What can we do with all this snow? Making A Snowman answers that question! Bonus: All 7 photos used in Snow and 14 more, plus clip art!

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Little Toot  (click title for download page)

Little Toot is a charming story about a real boat, a water taxi that operates in the Santa Barbara, California harbor. Readers get on board for a ride, with Little Toot pointing out everything along the way. Better yet, the reader drives the boat and has a chance to toot the whistle. Bonus: In the Credits page of the online version, there is a link to the real Little Toot’s web page!

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Tide Pools  (click title for download page)

The Tides Pools activity set includes so much material that I have broken it into two separate study units. The first unit, Tide Pools, includes Exploring Tide Pools and two supporting books. Exploring Tide Pools is set up so that students can wander through in any order, finding exciting discoveries along the way. The second unit, Tide Pools Writing And Review, includes the tests and three writing activities. Bonus: Vocabulary Cards and a Photo Collection!

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Jack-O’-Lanterns For Halloween  (click title for download page)

Just in time for Halloween, this fun activity lets students create digital jack-o’-lanterns. In all, nine different faces are possible. The artwork is very three dimensional and realistic. Once a jack-o’-lantern is finished, students add a lighted candle, and finally gets to see what their creation will look like on Halloween night. Bonuses: Zip files of both the art and creepy sounds!

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